Michelle Rhee Lands Free Media Relations Man at WaPo

Schools Matter writes:

Enter Michelle Rhee, who is schooled in the new school of teacher preparation, which consists of a 6-week basic training period that focuses on classroom discipline. She and her media relations man, Mathews, have a solution, in fact, for the 50% rate for urban teacher turnover: they would turn over all of them by creating a corps of Teach For America Temps (call it T-FAT), composed of young Ivy League graduates who are offered a resume-building opportunity before our best and brightest go on for their corporate law training or their corporate medical training. Fenty will be get the cheap, compliant, hard-working, malleable, and temporoary teacher corps that the moneyed ed reformers are demanding from him. No silly requirements for that boring educational theory, ed history, child development, teaching methods, educational psychology, fieldwork, curriculum making, or assessment training. This is a bold new era with a more efficient understanding of what it means to be a highly-qualified teacher (for poor kids).

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