Coalition To Save Our Neighborhood Schools

From the Mission Statement:

We, The Coalition to Save Our Neighborhood Schools (“The Coalition”) have formed out of necessity. The Coalition to Save Our Neighborhood Schools has formed in direct response to a citywide crisis facing our schools and communities.

This crisis is further exacerbated by Mayor Adrian Fenty, Deputy Mayor of Education Victor Reinoso and Chancellor of Schools Michelle Rhee. This is a crisis with deep roots and many branches. It is a crisis about our children’s education and where they will attend school. It involves children’s safety while traveling to school, while in the school and while on school grounds. The crisis involves threats and intimidation tactics against teachers and principals and questions about mass teacher firings. It also demonstrates the deep lack of respect and the cavalier, inconsistent decisions made by the mayor and DCPS about our children. Their decisions were completely devoid of substantive or substantial parental, teacher, or community input and participation.

Lastly, this crisis involves profiteering and financial exploitation made off the backs of our children and out of the purses of District residents. Businesses, developers and organizations are currently vying to negotiate and finalize deals by turning our school buildings into condominiums or retail or converting them into to charter schools. Either way, and according to published reports, businesses and organizations stand to make huge profits as a result of closings schools.

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