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DC pay for performance scam

Fred Klonsky’s PREA Prez Blog writes:

Those who have read this blog over the years know that I am not one who is dismissive of all pay for performance plans. I don’t believe that the present standard salary schedule of steps-and-lanes is or needs to be etched in stone. But Michelle Rhee, head of the Washington DC schools and darling of the privatizers and union haters has made it clear that student improving student performance has little to do with how she conceives pay for performance.

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Michelle Rhee and Friends Are Above the Law

The Chancellor’s New Clothes writes:

DC Schools Chancellor, Michelle Rhee has been gaining a reputation as someone who doesn’t like to follow rules .Apparently, her friends don’t like rules either. Kevin Johnson, the former NBA star with the Phoenix Suns, is cited as being friends with Rhee. They apparently met through his work with the nonprofit St. Hope Corporation in Sacramento. Rhee, in fact, is described by as having sought out Johnson for advice before accepting the Chancellorship.

It seems that Johnson, like Rhee, has little regard for rules. In 2007, Johnson was accused of inappropriate conduct by a student at a Sacramento High School. In California, state law demands that the authorities be notified after such allegations are reported, yet, Johnson decided to overlook this little detail and his lawyers got to the girl first.

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Rhee-treads anyone?

Countersignature writes:

What do you do when you preside over one of the biggest education disasters in recent history? Why get a job with DCPS of course!
Cleveland, of all places, is chortling over the Rhee Regime’s luring of several notable Cleveland failures to the District’s system:

We knew something strange was going on when Lisa Ruda, the chief of staff for the Cleveland schools back in their heyday of horror, got hired to play the same role in the Washington, D.C. school district [“Thanks, D.C,” August 7]. She may have been part of Barbara Byrd-Bennett’s Dream Team that invented attendance numbers, bungled the $1.5 billion construction project, and helped the district earn a reputation for the Worst Education This Side of the Mississippi. But we never would have believed that someone else wanted to repeat our experiment in abject failure…

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Washington, we weep for your children.

Lisa Rab of  C-Notes Writes:

Cheer up, people of Cleveland. We now have irrefutable proof that America possesses a worse school system than ours. That’s the only way to explain how a rash of administrators from our fair district have now found gainful employment in the nation’s capital.Now a legion of Cleveland dysfunction had been being transplanted to the helm of D.C.’s doomed ship. What the hell was going on?

The answer soon became clear. Turns out that Byrd-Bennett, the former Cleveland schools chief who led Ruda and the rest of the disastrous team, also has a new job in D.C. She’s a director for New Leaders for New Schools, a non-profit that trains principals to – get this! — turn around failing schools. Which means, unfortunately, that one of Cleveland’s most-hated government flunkies is now spreading her wisdom to younger generations. According to the Washington Post, she’s been advising D.C. schools chief Michelle Rhee on some issues, too.

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