Molly Redden of The Georgetown Voice writes:

For something as sensitive as childrens’ education, Fenty may have done better to pick a people person, something Rhee is not.She seems to be overly defensive, sometimes without reason. Rhee told Fast Company magazine, “I’m not going to sit on public TV and take a beating I don’t deserve [from the City Council]. I don’t take that crap.”

Even when she drops the potty mouth and attempts to engage the other side in cooperative dialogue, Rhee still seems flippant and impatient.

When WTU and DCPS collaborated to hold contract informational sessions for teachers to lay out the facts of the two-tiered plan, Rhee faced the audience of teachers and community members with a “what-don’t-you-get?” attitude. Asked by a questioner if she would consider “a hybrid system mixing elements of the red and green plan,” she glibly answered, “No. What would that even look like?”

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