D.C. List Shows 90 Teacher Vacancies

 Bill Turque, Washington Post Staff Writer reports:

A list generated by the system’s human resources department Thursday shows 26 unfilled spots for special education instructors in addition to vacancies for math, English, science, foreign language and elementary school teachers. Teachers say it has created hardships in some schools, swelling class sizes and forcing regular instructors and substitutes to teach outside their areas of expertise.

Despite Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee’s promise that every school would have a music and art teacher, the list shows several openings in those areas as well. Dena Iverson, Rhee’s spokeswoman, said that the document is outdated and that the chancellor’s office is aware of only 42 openings.

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One response to “D.C. List Shows 90 Teacher Vacancies

  1. I agree that it would be ideal if every school could have a music teaching department, as well as science, art, etc., but not all schools are going to be well-rounded, and not every kid needs the same type of education, once they get the basics. music teacher. I know I would be the same without music in my school growing up, but I could have done away with the football time and been just fine. 🙂 Most would not agree with me there.

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