Judge rips city on special-needs pupils

Says deal to improve services not executed

Ian Bauder of THE WASHINGTON TIMES writes:

A federal judge has ruled that the District failed to comply with a two-year-old agreement to improve services for special-needs students and has set forth an exhaustive list of questions for Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee to answer when she testifies Oct. 20, as the judge ordered last month.

In a harsh appraisal, U.S. District Judge Paul L. Friedman wrote, “The District has not made those requirements a priority and has not tasked particular individuals … with day-to-day hands-on responsibility [for them] …

“Indeed, it is not even clear to the Court whether … it is [D.C. public schools] or the [Office of the State Superintendent of Education] that is responsible for implementing certain Consent Decree requirements.”

Judge Friedman also ordered State Superintendent Deborah A. Gist to appear before him with Mrs. Rhee

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3 responses to “Judge rips city on special-needs pupils

  1. Don’t forget the GS 115C-325 and GS94-142 IDEA as well as fair proceedures ! Are teacher’s being deprived of substantial liberty or property interests ?Do they have fair tribunal for hearing and is Rhee following educational laws in this egregiously unacceptable,outrageous and conscience shocking, eratic,radical reform ? Calls principles into her office and gives them no reason for being fired and as well as teachers. Is there still a 14th Amendment or did that get changed in Ms.Rhee’s reform ? Is Ms.Rhee’s reform re-writing our law books ? Is there collective bargaining to agreement ? Does she have the appearance of impropriety & stipend blocked or what ? Cleveland Board of Education vs Loudermill ?Right to hearing prior to being terminated ? It it critical in any reform effort to first meet the needs operationally in school buildings. What do the principles and teacher’s need to be effective and take care of their students ? Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ! Why is this leader being allowed to operationally fail in supporting needs for principles,teacher’s and students and proceedually get away with it while her teacher’s and principles are fired on a whim ? Dr. BenZion and have read about many others. We are at war and working with PL 107-110 NCLB of which is an unfunded law .Ms. Rhee’s extreme proceedual violations in reform efforts need to be re-directed and she is not above the law. It’s like Ms. Rhee forgets that buildings have to meet their operational needs to be successful and I believe these principles and teachers crying out for help. The little kids are crying and the principles are fired left and right as well as teachers.This radical reform is broken and what’s the tone and school climate in her buildings ? The teacher’s are scared to death they’ll be fired and the principles are probably stressed to the max. Do they have a budget to meet their operational needs and are those needs met prior to them being fired ? I’m not with a union and on educational research ! Fair proceedures and our young people come first but the teacher’s and principles must have their needs met to effectively do their jobs in our American public school buildings ! How many violations of state law is Ms. Rhee stepping on in her reform efforts that are a tragedy for children and yet fires a principle after three months with no reason given. The contracts ? We can’t fix GS 94-142 and there is a law suit moving but we’ll pay teacher’s $132,000 and repeal for no penalities in contract agreements ! I’m not a lawyer but hope they find a good one and God Bless America and our public school buildings and the honorable judges getting all this radical reform straightened out ! Gees, peas,Louise ! Meet the basic needs in your buildings and then evaluate performance fairly but it’s not fair to fire all these employees not having their needs meet and supported first. It’s to top down and being blamed on teacher’s and principles that need support ! Thank-you.

  2. Rainbows Ahead !

    “Come on Toto,we’ve gotta get this broom to the Wiz !” Click your heels and end the mandates of NCLB Pl 107-110,a law unfunded ! It’s not working and Rhee reform isn’t either. “Therefore,by virture of the authority vested in me by the Universitatus Committeeatum e plurbis unum,I hereby confer upon you the honory degree of Th. D” It’s on our nations report card after this NCLB. Now would be a good time to read,”Manufactured Crisis.” Take your radical reform experimental unproven approach with a vision of Charter,political special interests and go design your own autonomus schools. Come back to Public Education when your theory is proven with results. Is there no administrative remedy in the real world ? Yes,it’s somewhere over the rainbow !

  3. Rainbows Ahead !

    There is also a mean spirited flying monkey called an Abolisment Statute Code & 1-624-08. and it’s in appeals with indicated docket no. 07-581.Why do teachers have to teach to a test ? It leaves little time for creativitiy and the development for concepts into big innovative ideas. The Phi Delta Kappa and Gallup report 2 of 10 Americans believe the NCLB legislative should be continued without significant change. Lack of funding for schools tops the list of biggest problems facing schools for the sixth year in a row and that’s why we’re getting into all these problems with FAPE and GS 94-142. It is critical that we pack the survival kits with resources and support for teachers and principles to ensure they carry out their duties of instruction in the best interests of children. Now would be a nice time to read books by Guskey and Marzano and motivate to engage ! Also,what’s going on with the DC school budget and the Counsil is reported irate with Rhee. Is there an audit published for tax payer review and is the formula driven from the bottom up ?

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