We are dedicated to bringing the dictatorial and despotic actions of DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee to the public eye


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  1. Thanks! Like your post-Sith Lord. Very clever.
    Come back any time!

  2. I think Michelle Rhee is incredible. This reform she’s instituting, it’s clearly for the sake of flushing out the entrenched, corrupt elements of DC’s school system and eliminating them. Though some parents might be inconvenienced, the brilliance of Michelle Rhee’s plan is that it forces, especially, the weakest and most sinister employees of DCPS to stick their necks out. Almost random firings! The fear it engenders, “Who’s next?” — it may be severe, but the birth of a culture of accountability always is. This is finally the sort of reform that can undo the damage caused by the nepotistic and ignorant fallout of the civil rights movement in DC.

    I spent my entire childhood and adolescence in DC public schools, from kindergarten to high school. You mention a “lost generation of kids” — imagine, if you will, being a gay, white kid in a school whose environment can only be described as hostile to intellectualism, never mind hostile to white people and hostile to homosexuals. I am not talking about the other students, primarily. They, like me, were victims of a system. I am talking about bureaucratic and educational negligence, about a faculty and staff who took morbid delight in reducing everything a student says to ‘yes’ or ‘no’; that is, to obedience or disobedience.

    This is the state of DCPS. You honestly expect a well-crafted counseling program to thrive in a place like that? I do not mean to sound self-pitying — I’ve done OK since. I hope only that you’ll concede that, as a parent, your point of view on DC’s schools is limited.

    As to whether it’s crass to offer cash incentives to faculty and students, trust me when I say it is positively classy compared to indulging the current system. As to whether it’s effective, well, that remains to be seen. But from 1988 to 2001, I intimately experienced, as a student, the attempts at more organic reforms within DCPS. Hiring better counselors and better teachers is like planting seeds in salt.

    On a less personal note, isn’t it interesting that it is an Asian female who is implementing such dramatic reform? Imagine if she had been male, or black, or, God forbid, white. How would people be reacting differently? I am reminded of the photographer Nicki Lee, another Korean female, who takes pictures of herself among dangerous groups of people of various cultures and races. Seeing some of her pictures, one wonders how she got out alive! Part of her point, I think, is that people have a unique perception of Asian females. Throughout all this controversy, I haven’t heard racism invoked a single time; this, in the same city where a man was forced to resign his government post for using the word ‘niggardly’, in the same city that a crack addict has served twice as mayor and is now on the city council, almost entirely because he is black. There is a certain righteous pleasure in watching the public being punished for their unspoken, racially influenced views of Michelle Rhee. That aside, there is an entirely wholesome pleasure in witnessing an aggressive, compassionate purge of one of the most embarrassing institutions in the developed world.

    Did I post this in the right place?

  3. I wish you hadn’t censored me; it makes me suspect that your intention is to galvanize dislike for Michelle Rhee, rather than to have a fair-minded conversation about her. Please, let me know where I should have posted my response, if that was not the right spot on your blog; if it is not appropriate anywhere on your blog, then you are irresponsible.


  4. Ok, calm down there Adam. All comments have to be approved until the name is recognized.
    I’m out of the country and haven’t been able to check.
    This spot is fine.

  5. Whoa! OK, I’m calm, I’m calm!


  6. I am a Shepherd parent concerned about the recent firing of Dr BenZion by Michelle Rhee. Please contact me if you would like to correspond about this developing situation.

  7. I would definitely like to correspond.
    I will be away for the next few days, but should be checking my email:

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