Globalization Spits Up Michelle Rhee

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Globalization Spits Up Michelle Rhee

by Paul Moore
D.C. students, their parents, teachers and public school workers need only hold on. When you have Alan Greenspan disowning Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand in congressional testimony it is a sign great change is on the way. One of those changes will be the end of the tyranny of Bill Gates’ and Eli Broad’s attack dog Michelle Rhee.
Lacking any discernible qualifications, her shocking appointment, can be understood only when you realize that Rhee was brought in to inflict maximum damage on the district’s public schools. And as a cultist (Teach For America, New Teacher Project) and true believer she came at a bargain basement salary. Real superintendents were courted (Fenty visited Miami with several members of the D.C. commission to interview Dr. Rudolph Crew) but those candidates could not be counted on to mindlessly take a club to D.C.’s public schools. The havoc and disruption that Rhee has caused was no accident. It was the plan!

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2 responses to “Globalization Spits Up Michelle Rhee

  1. “It was a plan” ? Spookie ! Rhee’s Twilight Zone reform ! Would try to find hope that isn’t accurate but agree she needs to step down or re-direct the mission ! Hire a superintendent as fast as possible and provide the resources needed for building operations.Just don’t think she’s exercised fair balance of interests .Doesn’t appear to be a very respectful or democratic ,spirited leadership.Leadership involves surrounding yourself with a diversity of ideas and perspectives to make good decisions and she refuses and rules like King Henry. That’s why we call it America and there are measures to balance power with individual liberties respected.Leadership,tone,vision,organization to challenges is seriously questionable in Rhee’s educational strategic steering approach.Icebergs ahead and find a life jacket and a raft !Send in the rescue ship and have never read so many SOS calls .What happened to the School Modernation Act and Bill 16-250 they passed in 2005 spending 60,000,000 per annum ? It’s a three legged executive broken stool and meet the needs and resources in all school buildings fo the children ! “NCLB has done more to stigmatize and demoralize our students and teachers in struggling schools than it has to marshal the talent and determination with the resources to turn them around.” NH 11/20/07 Obama.Opposed to Rhee’s reform and it’s unclear how she is being allowed to re-write educational law and the Constitution without asking the Supreme Court first. We’ve got proceedual violations going on all over the place in this educational reform. GS 94-142 and IDEA ,FAPE and a judge is evaluating the Special Education department. A Federal investigation and uh oh ! Our next American generation ! Public Education rises from the ashes and makes a comes back ! We need to have a US Teacher rally in DC and looking for a fire truck and a marching band ! Go read the DC Teacher blog ! That the could be HR department and it’s wonderful ! They could cut those top salaries and spend more on the school buildings resources. What is going on with Anacosta ? Teacher’s walk in and the lounge smells like dead rats and urine. The principles don’t have the resources to take care of operations ! Why ? PL 107-110 and 10% with increased accountability ! Read Manufactured Crisis and call Dr. Guskey and Marzano ! Why isn’t Mayor Fenty’s education budget and expenditures on line for tax payers to review ? Who has that data the Parthenon Group ? “End the mandates on NCLB,it’s not working.” See Voices Across America question #1 ! Hillary Clinton ! 18 million cracks and still cracking at it ! Wishing academic unision for DC schools bit opposed and not sold on the Rhee’s , the radical mind changing teacher contract she proposes currently in crisis bargaining. GS 115C-325….? What happened to collective bargaining ?

  2. Send in Ringling Brothers and go to see typo’s !

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